4. 5 daily struggles you get rid of with Hotel Chatbot

6 října, 2020

Another monthly paid software I am never going to use anyway… Not so quickly! Let us present these 5 struggles we are helping our partners to get rid of while becoming a great ROI.

1. Busy receptionists

“Where can i park my car? Do you serve gluten-free?..” answering those and tons of other repetitive inquiries while welcoming newly arrivals and complying administrative tasks. Not an easy job indeed, facing stress and keeping a warm smile. Give your staff time to fully focus on in-house guests and let your Chatbot take care of 80% all interactions. Save time.

Chatbotless reception 🙂

2. Annoyed guests

While receptionists are flooded with workload, guests tend to wait over 48 hours to have their question responded. That’s a long time, especially for a young people, being used to chat platforms. However, according to survey conducted by Comm100.com, customer experience can be dramatically leveraged by quick response.

3. Boring website

Average attention span of an internet user is 6 seconds. Thanks to an interactive Chatbot, you can extend it. Say goodbye to long and structured FAQ pages! Transfer all important information the user is looking for via messages.

Loooong FAQ site 😴

Your internet Co-worker also likes to send personalised messages and will make a good partner to your website: Want the Chatbot to speak formally? It will. Or would you just prefer casual chatting? No worries, we adjust the interactions to your wishes.

4. Low additional service revenue

Massages, parking, executive breakfast – I bet you provide dozens of them. Chatbot won’t forget to stress them out and reccommend to your guests based on their preferences.

5. Behind competitors

How many of hotels in your destination run a conversational robot? Based on all analysis, artificial intelligence will penetrate across all market segments.

Source: Salesforce

Have you ever came across any of these struggles? Or are you momentarily?

We will be proud to create a Co-Worker you will actually benefit from.

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